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One year and four months after the start of construction, the impressive volumes of the new factory for coated current collectors bear the face of innovation for Armor Battery Films. In the spring, teams discovered what will soon be their new workplace: an 8,000m² industrial facility, which will enable the business to increase its production capacity fivefold, initially to 50 million square meters per year. Firmly established on its 28,000m² site, the new Armor Battery Films’s factory looks very impressive. The structural work is now complete and has given way to the move-in phase. Teams are busy finalizing the installation of equipment and facilities, ensuring that everything is up and running and compliant with standards. At this stage, the central objective is to ensure that the industrial building and installed equipment are ready to start a smooth transition to site operation by Armor Battery Films staff and operators.

“This involves monitoring final inspections, to ensure that specifications and regulations are met, as well as resolving any problems or non-conformities. With the support of the production and industrialization teams, we’ll be able to start up the new processes inside the building”. Romain Coueron, Head of New Works – Energy at Armor Battery Films.

At the heart of the company’s project, the machines have also made their grand entrance, with one main objective: to qualify the processes.

“Process qualification ensures that we are able to obtain the same coating quality as with the line currently in use at the plant. That’s where the challenge lies for this new plant in the short term. In the medium term, we’ll be able to offer our customers additional production capacity and new specificities that weren’t available with the old plant (wider widths, with continuous and intermittent patterns…)” explains François Allais, Armor Battery Films’s Methods & Industrialization Manager.