Your Technology

Battery manufacturers are developing versatile electrochemicals.
Each technology has specific characteristics that can be adapted to different applications, be they electric vehicles, ESS, spacecraft, data centers…
To help manufacturers develop their battery technology, we design primers tailored to the needs of our customers working in lithium-ion batteries, post-lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.


Do you produce electrochemicals for lithium-ion batteries such as LFP, Nickel Rich NMC, LMFP? Are you working on the overall system to improve performance, energy density, service life and cost?

We can help you optimize cell performance with our primers.

Post Lithium-ion

Are you working on next generation batteries such as sodium-ion, solid-state lithium metal, lithium–sulfur, lithium–air batteries?… Do you experience new issues that do not exist in lithium-ion batteries such in conductivity, adhesion, corrosion, energy density and cycle-life? We can assist with your new development by adding a primed aluminum or copper foil to your cells and solve your problems.


Are you developing supercapacitors (UCAPs) offering high power density and requiring the lowest ESR? Do you face challenges in maintaining good stability at high voltage and high temperature? Primed aluminum foil is the alternative to etched foil for improving your cells and achieving better overall system performance.