Our products

We have set-up a wide range of primed aluminium and copper foils specifically developed to answer battery and ultracapacitor manufacturers needs for current collectors.

What is a primed foil ?

Primed aluminum or copper foil, also known as carbon-coated aluminum or copper foil, is a current collector coated with an ultra-thin conductive and protective primer that improves the interface between the electrode and the metal foil.

Why using a primer?

The interface between current collectors and electrodes is complex, involving numerous chemical, physical and electrochemical phenomena: corrosion attacks, lack of adhesion, increased internal resistance… It depends on the electrochemistry and the process, and requires a customized approach.
Our range of highly conductive and protective primers, designed for versatile applications, improves the interface between the metal foil and the electrode. Therefore, it enhance adhesion, conductivity, and protection against corrosion.

Why choosing En' Safe®

En’ Safe® is developed on the basis of ARMOR GROUP’s 100 years of industrial experience in chemical formulation and high-precision coating, enabling us to provide a customized product, designed for large-scale manufacturing and perfectly suited to specific electrochemistry.