Primed Aluminium Foil​

We offer a wide range of primed aluminum and copper foils specifically developed to answer battery and ultracapacitor manufacturers needs for current collectors.

One single product does not fit all applications !​

To fulfil battery and EDLC manufacturers requirements, we have developed a wide range of primers capable to answer their specific applications: LFP, Ni-rich NMC, lithium sulphur, sodium ion, ultracapacitors as well as fast charging, high voltage and high-density cells.

Optimize your interface between the slurry and the aluminum foil !

The highly conductive and protective primer specifically formulated for your application presents several significant advantages:

Technical data for primed Al foils

Al foil thickness

Typically 10 µm to 20 µm

Al foil alloy

Battery specific (1xxx series), hard temper, H18/19, hard tensile strength

Primer coating thickness

Typically 0,5 or 1 µm

Straight edges

Registration accuracy to less than 1 mm

Customized application

Primer formulation is selected and customized based on your specific application

Adjusted on demand

Coating width, bar edges and patterns with one or several bands can be adjusted on demand